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Bachrach Suits

Address: 4921 Eastern Ave
City: Bell
State: CA
Zip: 90201

Phone: (323) 264-3000
Business Since: 1930
Owner: Bachrach
Services: Suits Mens Suits Slim Fit Suits Modern Suits Classic Suits Linen Suits Dress Shirts

Total Score
93% A
90 — 100%: 2 reviews
80 — 90%: 0 reviews
70 — 80%: 1 reviews
60 — 70%: 0 reviews
0 — 60%: 0 reviews

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Text Reviews: 3   Video Reviews: 0   Total: 3

Text Review
80% B
J.W.Kirby     05/27/2017
Review from: Nashville
During a shopping excursion with my wife we happened upon a BachRach store in OpryMills Mall that was going out of business. I stopped in just to see if there was any good buys. I ended up leaving with two super 120s wool suits for $434 total. They fit well and appear to be at minimum a middle grade suit. I do not intend on them lasting forever but then again neither does fashion. Overall I was very happy with the purchase.
Text Review
100% A
Jim     09/11/2014
Review from: Westlake
I was very happy with the suit and the service.
Text Review
100% A
Will     08/31/2014
Review from: San Dimas
Bachrach is great. I ordered a suit online and made an appointment for measuring. They were on it, suit fits perfect.

About Us

Bachrach offers men's suits of all sizes and styles. Visit one of our 30 stores across the nation.

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