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Address: 49 North Mall
City: Plainview
State: NY
Zip: 11803

Phone: 1-800-467-8825
E-mail: [email protected]
Business Since: 2008
Owner: Vincent Vescova
Services: NationWide 24 hour a day Mobile Towing and Mobile Mechanic Services. We specialize in Mobile Diesel Repair, Mobile Tire Service, Heavy Duty Towing, Light Duty Towing

Total Score
39% D
90 — 100%: 3 reviews
80 — 90%: 1 reviews
70 — 80%: 2 reviews
60 — 70%: 0 reviews
0 — 60%: 12 reviews

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Text Review
10% F
a b     01/13/2015
Review from: new orleans la
This company sucks they screwed with our customers and added 800.00 to a our bill that was only 500.00 worst company ever and now our customer don't wanna pay...they made the customer believe that we worked for them.they take advantage of people that are already broke down and having a bad day
Text Review
10% F
Gilbert     06/12/2014
Review from: Chanute, ks.
They demanded $155 call out fee up front and telling me they were twenty minutes away. Two hours later we call and they hang up as soon as we tell them who we are. We finally called a local tow company that drove to our location and got us under way. We never seen 1800IMSTUCK. Save yourself time and money call someone else.
Text Review
10% F
Shawn     03/16/2014
Review from: Buffalo
If I could give this company negative stars I would. They charge a $50 fee on top of the price you pay the tow truck. They miss represented themselves and the price in which I was quoted. Do yourself a favor and call someone local.
Text Review
10% F
David Huler     02/26/2014
Review from: Louisville
Wow, we Completely AGREE!!! Major Fraud ALERT! 1-800-IM-STUCK is a national scam. is a SCAM COMPANY. This company 1-800-IM-STUCK is a national scam. is a MAJOR FRAUD! 1-800-IM-STUCK is a national SCAMMERS. IS COMPLETE SCAM FRAUD DON'T CALL 800-467-8825
Text Review
80% B
GIOVANNI     01/27/2014
I own a Freightliner with a DT66 and i called this place and needed a mechanic i kept loosing air. Yes they charged me 100.00 and the mechanic showed up a little over an hr. it cost me 1.5 hrs labor and call out fee's 350.00 im an owner operator so every penny counts. so i called back and spoke to a manager and he asked me what the mevhanics bill was i told him i was an owner operator and money was tight. he said no problem i understand and refunded me 50.00 . as for all these other reviews they don't just call around i think i asked and they said that there usually provider was a 3 hr wait and then they make calls , i asked who their provider was and they told me and i already called that particular person and he told me it was a 5 hr wait so i believe if this company call there provider they get a better ETA. i then called the provider after reading these reviews and inquired about this company and they told me that yes they do have providers and it is a better rate then if you call yourself so if i asked his rates and he stated 85 call out fee and 125.00 an hr plus 1.50 a mile and 10 percent fuel surcharge. no minimums on hours. i asked what i saved using this company and told them it took the mechanic 1.5 hrs to fix the truck. they said well it's to and from and with the labor it would be 2.5 hrs thats 325.00 then 32.00 fuel and 15 miles to and from 45.00 total of 402.00and 85.00 call out 487.00 and if this company sent them out theres no call out of 85.00 no 10 percent fuel just the 100.00 dispatch fee and 85 an hr so if i would have waited for them it would have been the same price i paid of 350.00 and they took 50.00 off . so what you think geico and allstate do you pay them a monthy fee when you don't even use their service so add that 10.00 a month up thats 120.00 a year and when you do call them they call around and you wait 3 hrs or more . this company did good by me , and 150.00 or 100.00 call out fee for a trucker with a hot load and a mechanic is their in an hour is well worth it so try calling without them and you can pay more.
Text Review
30% F
John Jewell     01/15/2014
Review from: Clakrsville, MI
The service was fine, but the pricing was ridiculous! The $50 dispatch fee above the money I had to pay the tow company. This is a total scam and a pathetic way to make money, Next time, I'll use the local tow company that actually came out.
Text Review
10% F
Nick     12/30/2013
Review from: Channahon,IL
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I REPEAT DONT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE. All this company does is take advantage of you. This is not a towing service or mechanic. All this company does is charge you to find someone that's in the area you are in by using the internet. They charge you $95 dollars to do what your smart phone can do for free or 411 can do for 5 dollars. I will never use this service again. They are rude and take advantage of you in your time of need.
Text Review
10% F
Ray     12/16/2013
Review from: Springfield MO
I'm a dispatcher for an over the road company. I just had a truck stuck in the snow in North Dakota and was finding it hard to locate a towing service nearby. The Yellow Pages ad said this company "serves" the area....well, as it turns out, they "serve" everywhere. By 'serve', I mean that they call around and find a wrecker...the same way you could do, and then charge you nearly $100....and that money pays nothing toward the actual towing. If 5 minutes of your time is worth $100, then this is the company for you, but if your able to make your own phone call to an actual wrecker service you can save that $$$.I looked up their website, and the picture of a tow truck has their name photo shopped on the side of it. I don't know if they own any trucks on Long Island where they are based, but they certainly don't own any in North Dakota. The operator I spoke to said that they were "contracted" with the company that was coming to help. I had tried to call that same company and had to leave a message because they were very busy, it was snowing after all. When I told the guy at the actual wrecker service who I was and where my truck was, they said "didn't you just call, we already got a call about that." The actual wrecker company said they are NOT contracted with this company and they had not been made aware that they were dealing with anyone other than my company.Long story short, you can save nearly $100 by calling the wrecker companies in the Yellow Pages for yourself and use that money for something else. I see a few reviews on here from other companies, and I hope they've had good results, but I find it difficult to believe that major trucking companies would pay this kind of money for this little service.
Text Review
10% F
brandon smith     11/13/2013
Review from: adrian
Very unprofessional business!!!! $800 tow for 20 miles, plus a extra $150 charge 2 days later!!! While trying to resolve the issue with customer service the man on the phone was rude and swearing. our fleet of 35 trucks will never use this service again.
Text Review
10% F
korey w     11/13/2013
Review from: sand creek mi
steve in dispatch (told by another dispatcher its the owners son) used "F" multiple times. hung up, most childish service I have ever home across.
Text Review
10% F
Denise Hooker     10/26/2013
Review from: Sylva
Wow thank you 18/00imstuck for calling me & asking me to recommend a garage to tow your customer to, and not identify yourself. I had to ask, then your agent on the phone just fished for my towing prices. Very upstanding company.
Text Review
20% F
Gail     10/09/2013
Review from: New York
Im Gail from Ameripride fleet manager and i have been scam by this company for $125.00 just so they can make call for local company to come and help me driver out. The worst experience and the worst customer service you will ever receive on top of all this the mechanic who came out didn't know what he need to do because all the information he got was wrong from the dispatch of 1-800-IM-STUCK. I spend to much money to get poor and bad experience for my money, don't fall in has a victim for this scam, they will tell you line is recorded and you are agreeing to the charges for the $125, So they can just make a call. This company is a Con artists company that can trick you out of your money by taking advantage of any weaknesses they can discover about your repair needs they scam people nationwide. I am a victim. they way the scam work is like this they position themselves first on all major search like they are repair shop and mobile breakdown for truckers, They are based in new York. Where the matter infact they take money from you just to call local companies around the area your breakdown and asking you for dispatch fee for them to make a phone call that you could make yourself there is tons of legit local shops and mechanics you can negoitate the price. People who all ready been scammed by this company and the reviews in the BBB is F for so many complaints and they have tons of other reviews on yellow pages that been removed by yellow pages since they are paying to be listed nationwide for they scam posting like they are legit company "1800 im scammed"please be aware of this company and they way of operating if you breakdown with semi truck there is alot of great companies you can call too for free and you will get better deal on local search instead of calling scam and fraud company like 1-800-IM-STUCK .search local on yelp and Google maps and yahoo and Bing maps for company that can provide you with all the repair you need.take it from us you don't want to use this kind of company.
Text Review
90% A
Dave     09/10/2013
Review from: Arvada
I called at 6:30 am and received a call back within 10 minutes and had a tech scheduled within 1 hour, and the truck fixed and ready to roll in 3 hours. A little pricey, but well worth it. Thank you Leo.
Text Review
10% F
Hannah Clay     09/05/2013
Review from: Birmingham
My family and I were traveling out of town on Sat, Aug. 31st. The weather conditions were not good, and we got into an accident. We hydroplaned and spun around five times and ended up in a ditch. Thankfully, no one was hurt and our car just drove right out of the ditch. We pulled off of the next exit, checked the car out, everything seemed to be fine. We proceeded down the interstate only to break down five miles later. We sat on the side of the road very confused as to what our next move should be. A tow truck was the first thing that we thought of. We just wanted to be off the side of the interstate. When I googled a tow truck in the area, 1800IMSTUCK came up, so we called. My husband was on the phone with a very nice lady for about five min, she was getting all of our information then placed him on hold while she dispatched a tow truck, then the line went dead. He was hung up on. We tried to call back four time, only for someone to answer the phone, then hang right up on us. I finally called back a SIXTH time, and got someone on the phone. He was a very nice man. He apologized for our inconvenience and asked me all of the questions again, I gave him the credit card number, again, he told me he would find us a tow truck, then give me a call back in about 5-10 min to let me know their ETA. Twenty min later, we still had no return phone call. So I called back, a VERY RUDE man got on the phone with me. I simply asked him if he could look up and tell me how long it would be until the tow truck arrived. I had a five and a seven year old in the car with me who were sweating from the heat. He kept accusing me of calling the wrong company, saying that I never made a phone call to 1800IMSTUCK, I kept reassuring him that I did in fact make several phone calls, and gave someone my credit card number, so he got the last four of my CC number to look me up, and he told me that they had nothing in their system for me at all. Then proceeded to tell me that no tow truck company will tow anyone off the side of the interstate because it's too dangerous. So all in all, your company made me waste an hour of my time, sitting there waiting for nothing. No one cared. No one seemed really apologetic, except for one person that we spoke with. And in fact tow trucks DO tow off of the interstate. I will NEVER EVER call your company again. It was a horrible experience.
Text Review
100% A
Monique MacIntosh     08/07/2013
Review from: West Linn
My husband works for Daimler Chrysler (Formally Frieghtliner) and travels across the country often. He has used this company on more than one occasion and they have provided a quality service each time. We both downloaded the the 1800imstuck mobile app for IPhones and never have to worry about having to searching endlessly for the closest guy or cheapest guy to come help when the time comes. This company makes it easy and does all the work for you. Thanks!!
Text Review
80% B
Mr. Long Haul     06/23/2013
Review from: Cleveland
I called 6 places on a sunday for a diesel delivery with not one answer. I finally called them and it worked. Diesel came in an hour and I was on my way. The dispatch fee was a bit painful, but worth it.
Text Review
100% A
Sam Galasso - CEO of Phantom Carting     06/20/2013
Review from: Plainview, NY
We use 1800Imstuck for all roadside tires, towing and repairs and if we have to get to a shop, they get us in immediately. Were glad we found them. We have used the 4 times and each time we resolved the mechanical problem or tire replacement. Our trucks come under heavy abuse since they are primarily used in the construction industry and problems occur regularly. Since we began to use 1800imstuck our over the road repair costs decreased dramatically. They definitely get better prices with their providers than we ever could. We get up and running faster and cheaper than before. We let them take care of the headaches.
Text Review
100% A
Anthony Florence, Owner/Electrician Greenflo Electric     06/15/2013
Review from: Huntington, NY
Steven and Tricia are my go to dispatchers at 1800 ImStuck. We have had several situations that required immediate assistance. During hurricane Sandy, we needed to be winched out several times as our trucks were caught in rough circumstances. Each time they were able to get a service provider to us in under an hour. We use them for all of our roadside problems, tires, towing and mechanics. Great service.

About Us

With the help of business planning, 1800-IM-STUCK licensed the vanity number nationwide and began to dispatch into all 50 states. As 1800-IM-STUCK evolved, we began to manage the nations trucking repairs, towing, and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Over the past year we’ve helped more than 25,000 trucks and cars get back on the road again quickly at a reasonable rate. In 2012 we moved to our corporate headquarters in Plainview, NY where we have highly qualified 24 hour dispatchers to help you get back on the road.

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