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Live Wall Media

Phone: (888) 351-3222
E-mail: [email protected]
Business Since: 2009
Owner: Ron
Services: Video Wall, Video Wall Processors, Portable Video Walls

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Shailesh Deshmukh     07/15/2013
Review from: Santa Clara
Excellent work, as promised and timely finish. Very happy with Ron and his crew, they worked on our EBC video wall and created our desired model. I will highly recommend Ron for any video/audio job.
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Dr. Herny Winters III     05/20/2013
Review from: Boston
In the Fall of 2010 the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics contracted Live Wall Media to design and construct a 3x3 video wall for the display of 4k x 4k movies of the Sun's outer atmosphere as viewed by the Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite. The Live Wall Media team were very informative and responded promptly to all questions about the installation. Live Wall Media representatives worked with our procurement department to ensure that all items met our stringent purchasing requirements. Live Wall Media installed our video wall quickly and professionally. When problems occurred, that were the fault of our staff not theirs, Live Wall Media representatives presented straightforward solutions that solved the issue. The video wall that Live Wall Media constructed has been in continuous operation for over two years with no problems or loss of performance. I have been very pleased with all of my interactions with Live Wall Media and the products they have built for us. I recommend Live Wall Media highly and without reservation for any video center project.
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Brad Shields     05/17/2013
Review from: Lenior
Live Wall Media delivered our project on time, within budget and exceeded our expectations. The video wall is a substantial improvement in both visual quality and lower maintenance costs compared to our previous system.
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100% A
County Of Monterey     05/14/2013
Review from: Monterey
The County of Monterey California, Office of Emergency Services, purchased from Live Wall Media a 3x3 video wall with 46" ultra thin bezel displays, stereo audio, and remote control of all functions from a single location. The video wall is located in our Emergency Operations Center. The projectincluded all equipment, materials, and labor. This was a one-time project. However Live Wall treated this as an on-going project by consulting with us on any other audio-video projects, related to the video wall or not. They even relocated our videoconferencing equipment, at no charge and after the video wall was completed. We received a quote from Live Wall and four other vendors. Final cost matched the quoteprecisely. Live Wall's prices were significantly lower than their competition and they provided higher level components. Live Wall's work and service far exceeded our expectations. They worked with us on colors for trimpieces and worked out every detail such as cabling, mounting racks, and remote sensor locations to our complete satisfaction. We still receive compliments on the quality of our video wall and ease of function. I absolutely recommend Live Wall Media. I cannot imagine hiring any other company for work thatcan be completed by Live Wall Media

About Us

Live Wall Media Inc. is a California Corporation located in Morgan Hill, just south of the Silicon Valley. We provide the world’s best video wall technology in turnkey solutions that combine our crisp, clear LCD panels, flexible mounts, and state of the art video processors into systems that are powerful and easy to operate. Live Wall Media Video Wall are built for 24/7 operation in control rooms and mission critical solutions.Our team is comprised of successful individuals with a broad skill set. Together, we have decades of experience managing companies, testing and evaluating video products, installing multimillion dollar A/V projects and providing superior service and support. We have experience delivering projects both domestically and abroad and have the expertise to install our systems anywhere in the world.